10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sports Photography

The interesting thing about photography in sports is that regardless of the kind of game you want to shoot, the real camera techniques do not vary at all. For example, tennis and baseball are two different sports, but the skills required and the camera settings similar when capturing images in the two games.

Find ten tips below to help you capture quality and gorgeous images in any sports you may want to do the shooting. The action sports photographers use these techniques, and they can assure you that they work well.

Know the type of sports loved by many people

For the team sports, two types of shots are highly demanded. These are:

Peak moment shots. For example, the moment a baseball player makes the first contact with the ball or when a footballer is being stripped off the ball.


Celebration shots: People love seeing the aspect of celebrations, joy, excitement and other emotions expressed during the game.

Create a Separation between the players and the background

A separation between an athlete and his background makes your shots appear more professional in sports. The background should be soft and less appealing to ensure all the focus is directed t the athlete. A long lens will work correctly in this.

Camera settings

Ensure your camera settings are right to enable you to freeze the action. Freezing a players movement helps you produce clear shots otherwise you will get blurred shots. To effectively freeze an action, ensure your shutter speed is 1/1000 of a second by turning on the Auto ISO feature.

Use Two Camera Bodies

Some sports photographers carry even three camera bodies. But believe me, they are too heavy and cumbersome to move with due to the high speed in sports.

Full-frame cameras (2018)

I, therefore, recommend two bodies so that you can put the long lens on one and the shorter one on the other.

Use the Right Lenses

The right lenses make the whole difference in photography. A long lens is recommended for sports since you are usually separated from the exact physical location where the action is taking place.

Continue to Shoot After the Play

When the game is over, ensure you continue shooting so that you can capture all the emotions expressed. This could be jubilations, fights, anger, etc.

The art of Cropping

It is next to impossible to resist cropping in sports photography. This is because the players keep on moving from one point to the other. You must, therefore, do cropping especially for shots captured with players being far away.

Shoot the Game Detail

Apart from the main action which is the game, you need to capture other details surrounding the game. The details help us understand the whole story of the event.

Be Keen on the Background


A lousy background is a significant threat to great shots. Whenever you notice anything that could be a distraction, think of the best angle to take your shots to ensure the background is clean and straightforward.

Know the Game

Knowledge of the game will help you capture the most amazing shots. Knowing the game helps you predict the next likely move hence you will be swift enough to capture it.

The takeaway

Sports photography is an art that can only be perfected by consistent efforts in achieving the most excellent shots. The more you are involved in sports, the more you become better in capturing the best shots.