5 Tips to be Better at Tennis

One of your priorities as a tennis player is to focus on how you can improve your game. Always remember that through constant practice, you are a step a way to becoming a great player. Though there is no perfect way of playing this game, certain basics can help better your game. Here are the five tips to be better at tennis.

1. Work on How You Grip the Tennis Racket

An important aspect of watching tennis training videos involves how the players grip the tennis racket. Most of the professional athletes use the “continental” grip when playing volleyball or tennis.

Grip the Tennis Racket

When using this grip to play, place your index finger’s knuckle on the top right angle of the racket. If you are making groundstrokes, you can use the “semi-western” grip by simply placing the knuckle of your index finger on the bottom right side of the racket.

2. Maintain a Still Head Position

Your head should always be still when playing tennis to improve your balance as well as the game’s consistency. Ensure that you are not moving or lifting your head when playing the stroke to avoid missing the shots. You can only adjust the position of your head after making a shot.

Your eyes should also align themselves to the direction in which the ball is going.

3. Plan for the Groundstrokes Early

Professional tennis players have a brilliant way of preparing for groundstrokes. You can prepare for the groundstrokes by moving yourself to the most comfortable position. You are likely to make a good shot if you make a higher backswing. Try supporting the racket using your other hand as you take it to generate more power in the strokes you make.

4. Master Your Tennis Ball Toss

Most beginners struggle a lot when practicing the ball toss because they do not understand the dynamics behind the activity. Ensure that the ball goes up and comes down straightly about 45 cm (18 inches) from your leading foot.


This strategy can give your ball toss forward momentum that is crucial in adding speed to it. Do not stress yourself on getting it right during the first time since it takes time for you to master this strategy.

5. Don’t be Too hard on Yourself

The secret to becoming a successful tennis player lies in your composure and ability to move on after losing a shot. Make an effort of encouraging yourself during the match that you will shoot better and make more scores. As long as you align your strokes with the correct strategy, your chances of becoming a better player will increase over time.

Learn to build self-confidence in yourself during practice and avoid distracting your mind with things that may affect your focus.

Summing Up

With the right stroking strategy and constant practice, your dreams of becoming a professional tennis player are valid. You should have a routine for practicing the game depending on your schedule. Use every practice session as an opportunity to learn new strategies and sharpen the skills you already have. Do not forget to have determination and consistency throughout the training.