Best Rehab Facilities in Arizona

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is an up and coming region of the USA. What some do not understand is that Arizona homes a number of the nation’s best alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers. During our study on each one the addiction therapy providers in Arizona the subsequent 5 would be the ideal. We update this list every 6 weeks to be certain you get the most accurate and current details. Listed below are the Top 5 greatest drug and alcohol rehabs in Arizona!

1. Decision Point Center

If you looking for the best rehab arizona, then here is the right place for you. Decision point center is based around the thought that chemical use, psychological health, and dependence are chronic diseases. Their therapy strategy allows for individualized therapy plans rather than a long-term” analysis. They consider that among their most overused phrases from the treatment area is “that I meet with the customer where they are.” But how can those therapists and centers understand “Where the customer is?”


Decision Point Center starts with their 45-day Residential Treatment plan using a 14-day comprehensive psychiatric, emotional, and physiological, family/relationship, nutrient and job/career evaluation intermixed using curriculum-driven programming to ensure each customer gets away to a fantastic beginning. After all tests are finished, the data is compiled into a written document and also a Master Treatment program is made.

2. Prescott House

Prescott-house-logo Located at Prescott, Arizona Prescott House is at an elongated stay dependence treatment center for men. Since 1988 they’ve been supplying personalized reintegration services to their families fighting alcohol and drug dependence. Prescott House attempts to aid their clients publicly face their self-destructive behaviors by re-developing ethics and responsibility in their own lives.

Their technical addiction treatment plans comprise Sex Pot, Opioid Addiction, Alcohol and Drug dependency, and Co-Occurring Infection therapy.

3. Sierra Tucson

Sierra-Tucson-logo for over 33 decades, Sierra Tucson was treating people with empathy and understanding to help them conquer their addictions. They feature themselves on supplying a secure and productive treatment atmosphere. They treat dependence, depression, injury & PTSD, long-term elaborate pain, co-occurring ailments, Mental Health disorders, eating disorders and much more!


They’ve even established their own version of therapy known as the Sierra Tucson Model of therapy. This version acknowledges a very simple fact, all people exist in thoughts, body, soul and emotions. They use this understanding to take care of the entire individual for all inherent issues, not exactly what is on the facade. They also highlight the participation of household and every individual’s family is drawn to the treatment procedure to make sure a long-lasting recovery. Find out more about Sierra Tucson to their site.

4. Cottonwood de Tucson

Cottonwood-de-Tucson-logo Coming Cottonwood de Tucson is a CARF Accredited Dentistry holistic behavioral health care center situated on a panoramic 35-acre campus. Their highly trained clinicians and employees address the underlying problems of dependence and are devoted to encouraging a tight arrangement of care for many patients.

5. Calvary Healing Center

Calvary-logo healing Center is in the epicenter of dependence therapy suppliers. They provide Residential therapy, Outpatient Therapy and Partial Hospitalization Therapy Apps with 4 distinct facilities in Arizona. Calvary is functioning logically

Together with the individual in mind and concentrate to a faith-based track. Their religion established Track comprises the religious fundamentals of this 12 step program using a Biblical method of healing. Including, daily prayer classes, weekly pastor-led groups.