Fitness And Exercise Rules That Change After Age 50

Body exercise enhances buildup of body energy, makes you stay healthy all times, results in weight loss and minimize some of the negative reviews associated with aging. Training is a form of improving body health. It stimulates your body, enhances proper brain functioning and removes those bad appearances like wrinkles.

When you hit 50 your body changes in many ways; at this age, the body does not require a lot of exercises. Second, the type of training at this age is unique and well timed.

Body fatigue, muscle, and joint pain, injuries to the body among other complications tend to increase at this stage. These accumulated body fatigues accelerate the rate of aging, and that is why you should work out to minimize them. To your surprise, the usual standard rule of exercise at this age stage changes and you will need to adjust with them. Here are the rules that mostly changes at this age.

Initial rule: Ensure you stretch in a couple of days per week

New requirement: Stretch almost after work

At this age, stretching is never an option for you. Here the need to stay flexible increases; hence you need to increase the number of times you stretch. This fact is according to Michele Olson, who is a professor of science in exercise at the School of Huntingdon.



He says flexibility work directly on the bone tendons and at this stage this tendons flexibility decreases. He recommends total body stretching involving all body part to raise the flexibility level in these tendons.

Initial guideline: put more emphasis on your cardio

New guide: Take up resistance takes training controls

At 50, the bone density and the muscle mass rapidly drop. It makes resistance training to become an essential part of the exercise program. When you exercise at this stage, you increase the strength of your body muscles. It helps burn extra calories stored in the body and prevent body falls and fractures.

The body falls what bring about wrinkles associated with aging.

Also at this age, you need to increase the war on body fat. When you do that, it reduces chances of heart attack that tend to increase with age. You also need to work on fats around the belly that helps you maintain your body shape.

Initial guideline: Have a day to take off from weight loss training

New instruction: Take several days

When you take a break from exercise, it gives your muscles and body a chance to relax and recover. At 50, muscles recovery is what you need more. You must remember that the body has little energy left at this age. Body tissue recovery takes time and effort enhance; it is an investment.


The exact time to recover depends on your baseline level of fitness. To ascertain whether you have had enough rest and recovered you need to look at the trend and your records.

Initial rule: To warm up is unnecessary

New law: Have a thorough, strong warm-up

Warming up improve blood movement, improve heartbeat rate, increase body temperatures, prepares the muscles and joints for training.

At 50, warming up is better since the body takes a long time to pick up for exercise. If you fail to do so before practice, you get tired faster.

Old rule: Take up steady and slow cardio

New guideline: settle training on intervals to speed burning of fat

Olson continues to say that for you to burn more calories at this age, you can opt to take up a friend for jogging. A friend will encourage you in the whole process. Burning calories has its health benefit on your heart though you need to focus on intervals of training. Interval training takes into accounts bouts that are of higher intensity cardio. How effective you will burn your calories depends on the depth of training intervals


Warming up and taking up an exercise for your body is a plus for your health. It helps you look young and energetic even at far old age. So exercise today and improve your body health.