How Can We Preserve Stem Cells

After the collection of your baby’s cord blood, the obstetrician will then go ahead and cut the umbilical cord. The cord will then be safely stored in a sterile container. And this is only done if you wish to preserve it, however, how is the preservation process, read below to see the whole process.

The first step involves cutting the umbilical cord and placing it in a sterile container as we have mentioned above. You need to know that the entire process is painless for you as a mother and the child as well.

It will then be taken to a cordlife’s laboratory or a stem cell storage company where it will be processed and crypto preserved before processing. This step also includes verification of the cord to the entire that it belongs to the right client. All the steps are keenly followed to ensure the risk of contamination is lowered.


The third step involves its processing where my all components are removed so that we can only remain with the lining. The lining is cleaned and divided into tiny pieces.

After the addition of crypto protectant solution, the lining segments will then be gradually frozen. The temperature will be lowered 1 to 1°C for every minute; this is to make sure the viability of the cells is maintained.

After the controlled freezing process, they will then be transferred into an anti-contamination vapor phase storage system which contains nitrogen. While it is here, the temperature will be kept at – 190°C, and this is to make sure that it is crypto preserved for a long time.


As a mother, if you are thinking of having your umbilical cord preserved, then you can try it. Having in mind that you have known how the process goes, you can quickly agree to it; you may one day show it to your child when he is grown.