How Do You Stop A Blister From Forming?

Blisters are common among many runners and walkers. If you are beginning your running or walking workout, you may probably get blisters. There is no need for worrying about it because there are ways to prevent its formation. Below is a list of the tips you can apply to help you prevent foot blister formation.

Wear the right socks

Foot-Blister-Prevention-Treatment-Blister-on-the-back-of-foot (1)

Stay away from cotton socks; always go for synthetic socks. Cotton socks are not the best because they normally retain foot sweat that softens the foot skin hence making it easier for breaking when friction takes place then leads to blister formation.

Go for the right shoes

Shoes are the main source of blisters. Blisters form because of friction. People have different foot sizes and shapes; therefore, getting the right shoe size that fits your feet in the right way can help you prevent blister formation.

Toughen your feet

Toughening your feet can be a great way to prevent your feet from blisters. With your tender pink feet, you are likely to get blisters, but when they are toughened, the chances that they will for are reduced.

Foot lubrication


While walking or running, friction is likely to take place. Your feet will rub on the socks and shoes because of so many reasons hence making your foot skin prone to blisters. So if you want to prevent your feet from blisters, it would be advisable if you lubricate it, this way, it will slide rather than rub.

Always make sure that you keep your feet dry

This can be done by using wicking socks as well as many other methods.The spots prone to blisters should always be covered. By covering that area, you will be able to prevent the spot from blisters.For those looking to prevent blister formation, these tips will help you a lot.