How To Make Your Thoughts Shape Your Life

Your mind can be a huge battleground or it can be a playground. It really all depends on how you fashion your thoughts. You might think that you are not the architect of what you think. In some senses, this is true. However, you don’t have to entertain negative thoughts about yourself or others.

It is not that you will never be negative, however, you don’t let those bad things affect your day to day. We will talk more about how to take mastery over your thoughts to make your life better.


When thinking about how to make your thoughts shape your life, you might wonder what this process entails. Mindfulness is a very powerful tool you can use in this situation. Mindfulness entails letting the thought enter your head and just observing it.


The wrong answer is to jump to judgment of your thoughts. For example, saying that you were mad that the traffic was congested. Rather, your first thought is probably- there are more cars than usual and I’m moving slower. Then, just let it go. Mindfulness can help you be a less judgmental version of yourself.

When you stop judging your thoughts, you are more in tune with what they are telling you. For more information on using your thoughts to shape your mind,check this out.

Negative Versus Positive

Another powerful tool is the negative versus positive mindset. You might have a lot of negative thoughts, but being in a happy place in your mind is still possible. You can reframe your mind to realize that negativity is a part of life.


However, with the practice of gratitude, your inner thought life can be a good place. When you realize your negative thoughts, they might be warning you that a situation or a person is not good for you. However, you can be grateful that you are not that person or that you have the power to change your environment. And even if you have to be in a negative environment, looking for your own personal place of gratitude can still keep you at peace.