Is Text Messaging HIPAA Compliant?

Executive information regarding one’s health should be safeguarded as it is private and confidential as it could affect people’s perception of a person. In Irish football, the laws regarding the safeguarding of players medical information have since been enhanced in 2018 creating more privacy for players. However, there are instances where the health information of a person may be required to be exposed to reach certain decisions. For instance, in football for a player to be, signed by a team, they have to be certain that the player is in good health condition and can be freely transferred.

In the case where they find that someone has a certain medical condition, they are free to refer them for special medical attention. That withstanding, only the relevant information should be disbursed for the specific purposes.

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Football players and managers should dedicate a good system for the reporting and sharing of health information. A HIPAA Compliant messaging service enables the confident sharing of medical information with medics and other health experts.

Characteristics of a Secure and HIPAA-Compliant Messaging Service

1. It differentiates healthcare texting from personal messaging. It is dangerous to mix business with personal issues, and it makes it worse if it involves confidential personal information. A proper texting service should segregate the personal messages from those involving healthcare information.
2. A service that requires authentication and authorization each time of access is important. Security of information cannot be taken for granted and confidential information should be encrypted with strong passwords that only the relevant people should have at their disposal.
3. A service that encrypts message data while at transit and in the network. Ordinary messages are not safe while in transit, and they should be safeguarded by creating diversion data. Encrypted data makes it difficult for hackers to know what is being communicated.
4. Encryption of data while on mobile devices. Once the message has been sent and delivered safely, it can be still hacked, and it is, therefore, important for a messaging service to provide encryption on both ends of the message.
5. Withdraw PHI from the notifications. Notifications are mostly accessible by anyone who can have access to the phone. Therefore, it is safer for the messaging service to hide the information from the screens notifications to avoid the third party from reaching the information.
6. Provide archive for messaging history. For proper HIPAA compliant texting a good HIPAA compliant messaging service can be better if it provides a basis for reference. In case of a quarrel, the previous information can be referred to make decisions.

What is HIPAA Compliance?

It denotes Health Insurance Portability and Accountability and is a chain of regulator standards directing on the lawful use and disclosure of safeguarded health information. In Ireland, health information is protected by the Health Information and Quality Authority and is responsible for the routine guidance on the issues affecting healthcare as they also double up as the authority that investigates HIPAA violations.

The regulatory rules are meant to create a culture of respecting protected information to protect the privacy, integrity, and security of safeguarded health data.

What is Safeguarded Data?

This is the demographic information that can be traced back to the identity of the patient or client. The common example of this information is the name, address, social security number, phone number, medical records, full facial photo and financial information to name but a few. This information can be accessed both electronically and through hard copies.


Most of the information in Ireland can be stored and accessed electronically due to the enacted laws that direct storage of medical information to be done electronically. It is important for all people especially players to know that their information is vital and important and that it should be safeguarded. With that in mind, it makes it better to find a messaging service that is HIPAA Compliant service that can easily protect their health information at all time.