Quick Tip: Should You Buy a Light Meter?

Many of modern cameras come with light metering systems but there are those that will need an additional meter, this goes to show that there are benefits that come with this device. So should you buy one or not? This post will give you reasons why this device is worth investing in.

The light meter is an important device that helps take into account the quality and quantity of light on a subject or being reflected by a subject. This device converts these measurements to define what would be ideal for that given subject.

In scenarios where lighting condition or subject matter are difficult to work with, this device comes in handy. There are some that can also be used to record flash light.

The cameras that have built-in normally record an average of overall scene being photographed. Generally, this type can give results you wanted. However, there comes a time when a photographer or videographer will want to shoot a complicated subject matter or in a complicated lighting like white snow scenes or high contrast area.


In this case, camera measuring takes an average and this can lead to an average automatic adjustment which results in an Over or under compensation of exposure. With a meter, you can now be the bearer to the solution of all this trouble. This device will work in the following ways to give you a better shooting experience:

Reflective Readings

If you are keen enough you will realize that reflective readings on this device gives you accurate results in most cases that resemble similar results you will get from a camera’s meter.

This device measures light reflected from subject. So if the sensor is pointed towards dark areas or snow, the same exposure problems that arise when a camera uses inbuilts will be experienced.

Incident Readings

A photographer can easily overcome over and under adjustment compensation by simply taking an incident reading. This gadget takes measurements of the light that falls onto its subject which means it will not get confused even if subject possesses reflective qualities. Since it will not try to achieve an average measuring, this can be a solution to over/under compensation problems every photographer faces during shooting.

Light meter new

So do you need one of these meters? Yes you do. It goes without saying that this device offers more detail than an in-built meter. This means that you will take better pictures in certain scenarios where your Digital SLR with in-built meter will not.

So if you are planning to take a photo of a model, make sure you have this device with you. The use of this device helps you record the light on the face of the model, her shoes and clothes. So all you have to do is to add figures given together then divide and you will have an average that suggest a very accurate exposure value. So you will be able to take better pictures or make high quality videos under challenging conditions and your viewers will love