Staying Healthy On Summer Adventures

The onset of summer brings many things. Nature starts to bloom, while there are a variety of weather patterns which define the mood for an adventure. From the simmering heat to seasonal showers, outdoor enthusiasts always have their sights set on an adventure activity regardless of the season.

There are numerous activities one can undertake and STAY HEALTHY on Summer Adventures, which have some fantastic places to go and pursue them at their authentic best.

The great thing is, many of these locations are overlooked for certain activities, hence comes an even greater feeling of exploring the location for its plethora of adventure and challenging obstacles. All you need to fulfill the experience is the right gear for the right activity; these can be bought online or at locations which sell outdoor adventure gear.

These are some adventures to STAY HEALTHY and the unique places where they can be explored:

Bouldering – Small hills to barren rock faces, this is the canvas for any bouldering enthusiast. The first step is to have climbing shoes with adequate grip, a chalk bag with powder for better grip again and last but not least the bouldering crash pad to break any fall in case you lose a footing. This should ideally cover your gear requirements.

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Mountain biking – Riding up a hill on your hard-tail bike, peddling hard to counter the gravity and the vertical climb. The final few yards are too steep so you get off and carry the bike to the summit. The view is stunning from way up there, to the West side of the hill seems a less challenging descent, so you get on the saddle and begin the ride back to the ground.

Mountain biking gives one a sense of challenge and yet making you more tactical in your approach. The right gear makes a lot of difference in the experience. A riding helmet, a pair of gloves, elbow and knee pads are all essentials.

Trekking – Trekking is one of the most popular forms of outdoor adventure to stay healthy. All over the world people take to travel in the form of treks to explore a variety of regions, from renowned mountains ranges to winter wonderlands. Just the thought of travelling on foot for days on end covering mile after mile gives the feeling of wanderlust. The best gear for a trek would be a state of the art rucksack, which holds your maps for navigation, sleeping bags, repellents, torches, compasses and other trekking specific apparels for the journey.