The Best Exercises for Losing Weight

If you’re working out many times a week with the aim of losing weight and gaining the best fitness levels, you want a routine that will provide you with maximum results within a short period. Workout experts have been looking at this specific issue and have come up with the best exercises to help you achieve your aim.


Exercises for Losing WeightYou can improve your metabolism for more than 24 hours after you exercise by adding a little twist to your daily exercise routine, that’s according to the American College of Sports Medicine. The only thing you need to do is inject some brief periods of intense effort ion your regular swims, bicycling, runs, elliptical sessions or walks. The intensity will effectively reset your metabolism to a higher rate when you’re in your workouts. It will also take some hours for it to slow disown. It will equal your ongoing calorie burn even after you’ve showered and dressed.

If you exercise by walking for around 30 minutes, you should consider adding some jogging for around 30 seconds, that’s for every 5 minutes. As you increase your fitness levels, you can consider increasing the interval length to one full minute and reduce the walking segments to four minutes. For you to get the biggest metabolism boost, you should ensure the interval boost leaves you breathing quite hard.


StrengthYour body organs such as the heart demand fuel at all times, meaning there is little you can do to increase their metabolic needs. On the other hand, your muscles, which need regular feeding, are changeable. If you make them bigger, you should remember they will need more calories around the clock. The following seven exercises should target all the muscle groups in your body. You should be able to carry out the entire routine within 30 minutes. If you do the exercises 2-3 times a week, your muscles will turn into furnaces which burn extra calories before your body converts Therm to fat.

Push ups

Push ups are strength training moves which provide you with the best results. They fire up your shoulders, chest, arms and get your body’s abs working if you do them in the proper form.

Biceps curls

Biceps curls is a bicep-sculpting move that gives you the arm strength which you need to carry out your daily routine with ease.


Crunches can be an extremely effective way of toning your abs.

Reverse Dip

If you want to tone your biceps, you should try the Reverse Dip. They work your triceps perfectly.


SquatSculpt your butt and trim your thighs using the Squat move that involves your lower body.


The lunge exercise targets your legs muscles. If you have any knee issues, you should this efficient lunge variation.


The Row exercises powers up your shoulders and back, which ensure you get your desired definition.