What Vaginal Discomfort Causes

Vaginal discomfort is common among many women but is dominant among women who have reached menopause. With the discomforts ranging from chronic infections and conditions such as vaginitis and stress incontinence, a vaginal discomfort can deal a big blow to your sexual health and wellness.

The primary cause of vaginal dryness is less lubrication in your vagina that makes sex painful. Vaginal dryness can affect any woman, but the women after menopause are the most susceptible. These are those in the 51- 60 age category.

Vaginal Moisture

The female reproductive system produces natural lubricants at the cervix to keep the vagina supple and most. This moisture moves to other parts of the vagina removing dead cells and cleaning it.


The lubricant is slightly acidic to protect the vagina from infections such as thrush. When a woman gets excited during sexual intercourse, the vagina produces extra lubrication to aid in the penetration. However, a quarter of women aged 50-59 experience vaginal dryness problems as a result of less lubrication during sex.

Effect of Vaginal Discomforts

Vaginal discomfort can affect your sexual life in ways such as:

1. Makes sex Painful- Vaginal pain has a myriad of the impact on your sex life. When sex becomes painful, you’ll hardly enjoy it, and your partner will quickly feel it.

Therefore, you’ll dread going to bed, which can seriously affect your relationship life. The issue becomes more serious when the vagina continues thinning, which results in more damage to your vagina. Painful sex then results in less sexual desire.

2. Emotional Impacts- Besides affecting your sexual life, vagina dryness makes it uncomfortable to sit, stand, or even urinate. If at work, you’ll be nervous, that can lead to low self-esteem and confidence.

Young woman suffering from abdominal pain while sitting on bed at home. Stomach pain. In stress.

3. STIs confusion- Vaginal discomfort has many symptoms that closely resemble those of STIs. Therefore, some women may make the condition secret that can bring problems with their partners, especially on why the women are uninterested in sexual activity.

Treatments for Vaginal Discomfort

There is a wide variety of treatments for vaginal discomfort. For instance, you can try the new Mona Lisa Touch procedure at MonaLisaTouchBrowardFortLauderdale.com

It’s also vital to discuss your condition with your doctor and partner before embarking on any treatment method. When you consult your doctor, you’ll get an insight into the best treatment methods and ones that work for your body.