Where To Run In Bangkok

Bangkok is a complex city. It is hot, dense, and muddled. While it’s a great place to conduct business in, eat savory dishes or explore, it is not the best when it comes to running. Running in Bangkok can turn out to be a horrendous experience since there are people, vendors, and cars all over.

To get the best out of Bangkok, you will need to find those hidden serene running spots in the city. There are many spots all over the city where you can indulge in your favorite workouts.

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The best places to run in Bangkok

1. Lumpini Park – Lumpini Park, which ais also referred to as Bangkok’s ‘Central Park,’ is one of the most popular running spots. It offers a runner a 2.5-kilometer track. The running track features well-marked distance markers. While running, you will enjoy serene scenery, shade, and lush vegetation.

Running in street

2. Benjakitti Park – This park ais situated in the busy neighborhood next to the Convention Center. Whenever you are in Bangkok for a seminar or conference, consider taking a run at the Benjakitti Park. It has a 2 km paved track, which goes around a lake. The rich vegetation and the chirping birds will make your run worthwhile.

3. Santiphap Park – This park is only 20 years old. It is widely known as the Peace Park. There are shaded paths where you can take a jog or go for your morning run. The running circuit here is just 1 km.

4. Bang Kachao – The Green Lung as its fondly, also known is an extensive park where you can do all the running that you can think of. There all manner of paths and roads inside this park. You have over 15 km of running distance to enjoy.


5. Phuttha Monthon – A few kilometers to the west of Bangkok City, you will come across Phuttha Monthon. There is 2.5 km paved running ground, which comes with amazing views. Also, to enjoy when in the park, is the humongous Buddha statue.The above ideas on where to run while in Bangkok serves you best. Its you explore them and get adveturers.