Which Is Cheaper Urgent Care Or Emergency Room?

The debate on whether to seek medical services from emergency rooms or urgent care Centers has been in the rime light over some years. This has been more so on cost and the severity of the patient condition. The decision people make based on how convenient is the service to them.

Sometimes back, my friend was bitten by a dog on the leg but made a mistake of not seeing a doctor immediately. After sometimes, the leg started swelling but when he tried to seek medication the doctor had already left for the weekend.

He could not wait over the weekend and resolved to find services from an emergency room. To his amazement, it took almost five hours to see the doctor and get an antibiotic prescription that did cost him £200 copay to his insurance. This experience left us wondering could urgent care center the best alternative.

Doctors carrying a patient to intensive care unit

If you also have, had such kind of experience and would want to know which of the two are best and cheap, take time to read through this article to get your question answered.

Emergency rooms are desired to handle life-threatening cases. There are characterized with use of ambulances, group of doctors racing around each other and patients being wheeled especially those under severe ailments or injuries. Such kind of experience is horrifying, and you cannot like to witness. Emergency rooms are therefore not a place for people with minor cases of a disease.

Urgent care center services are more is convenient. This is because they are often available in almost every commercial center making them more readily available to patients.

The fact that urgent care centers do not deal with severe cases of diseases makes it the cheapest compared to emergency room services. However, pediatric urgent care clinic that deals with care for toddlers and infants are quite expensive. Children have a less immune system to fight disease; hence their case is classified as an emergency.

Why urgent care service is cheaper than emergency room services

1). Urgent care centers are almost everywhere and do not require an appointment for anyone to access the service provider. All you need is probably some little cash or your insurance card to receive treatment.

2). Urgent care centers allow in and out patient minimizing the time a patient takes to access the doctor. This makes more patient access the doctor at a go lowering operating cost.


3). Urgent Care centers give services equivalent to a regular physician doctor and run even on off working hours. During off working hours, most doctors will have closed their office and left hence making urgent care the only option. Primary health care offered by physician doctors are less expensive so is the case with urgent care services.

4). It is very rear to find sirens and ambulances on urgent care centers as the case with emergency room centers. This eliminates those atrocities associated with a busy medical environment making it friendly.


Instead of you seating outside an emergency room waiting on a long queue and get charged hefty, it would be wise if you visit an urgent center. Further if the condition you are undergoing is a less fatal visit that urgent care center that is close to you. It will save you on time, money, and get treatment quickly and conveniently.